01. The bald eagle is a [noble] bird, both beautiful and majestic.
02. The [noble] fir trees towered high above the forest floor.
03. When the Princess was married, all the [nobles] in the kingdom were invited to the Royal Wedding.
04. [Noble] kings and princes would bow whenever the knights rode by.
05. The [nobility] is supported by taxes collected from the poor farmers.
06. Despite a [noble] effort, the Mexican team was beaten by the Americans in the final by a score of 2 to 1.
07. England's once powerful [nobility] no longer has much power over the political process.
08. The [nobility] in my country were forced to flee when the communists took over.
09. She came from a working-class family, but married into the [nobility] and ended up living in an old castle.
10. During the Ch'ing dynasty, the local [nobility] and elite of China supported themselves by extracting taxes and rents from the common people.
11. Gretchen Nakamura has [nobly] volunteered to organize this year's office Christmas party.
12. Oscar Wilde once suggested that whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the [noblest] motives.
13. Women of the Royal courts of the French King Louis XVI drew blue veins on their necks to show that they were of [noble] blood.
14. In Hindu tradition, when a father first sees his newborn baby, he touches it with a piece of gold, which is considered the [noblest] of metals.
15. A German proverb remarks that both [noble] and common blood are the same color.
16. A Hebrew proverb suggests that when two men quarrel, the one who yields first displays the [nobler] character.
17. A Dutch proverb notes that [nobility] of soul is more honorable than [nobility] of birth.
18. The early settler's diary speaks of meeting the [noble] savages who lived in the area.
19. The chants of the Roman Church have been described as including some of the [noblest] melodies ever created.
20. Aristotle believed that by continually listening to music that aroused [ignoble] passions, one would become an [ignoble] person.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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